Thursday, August 18, 2011


It was a fateful day in early fall,
When life threw us all a curve ball

On that day our lives changed forever
When our physical ties with you were severed

The plane of your existence has been changed
The daily routine on our plane has been re-arranged

Our physical interaction has been interrupted
We, who love you dearly- our emotions have erupted

In time we’ll come to terms with how this came about
Our personal hardship- the sorrow we’ll overcome – there is no doubt

We- the ones to stay behind
We need to bear in mind

There is a trenchant and intense bond
That spans between us on any plane – and beyond

Our physical ties have been severed
And now you are on your way to new endeavours

You live in our hearts forever and ever
Forgetting you is not an option –never, no never

We will have our dearest memories of who you are
As we see you off – we will not bid you “au revoir”

But rather- an “a la Prochaine”
Because we know we will see each other again.

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