Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Fish Cry

As I reminisce about times gone by,
I cannot help but sigh.

I think back to when I was young,
When times were exciting, adventurous and fun

As a youngster, I used to swim in bright clear waters, oh so blue
With patches of bright sunlight shining through

Frolicking, playing with my sisters and brothers
Such fun times we had with one and other

That was a long time ago
The ocean where I live has since taken a major blow

I now swim through the muck and the dregs of man
Wondering how and when this darkness began

Swimming through the waters, dark and murky
I try to make sense of it – the water is so dirty

My tears blend with the salt,
I don’t understand -who is at fault?

The bright clear world we had at one time,
It has all changed, what is all this grime?

No more, do I see the patches of sunlight
Now, darkness and murkiness is my plight

There are no happy smiles in the sea
All that my old eyes see, is debris

Gloom and darkness for miles and miles
Pale, bleached out coral around the isles

Where my beautiful home used to be
There is no plant life, no fellow ocean dwellers, nothing to see

Our population is a dwindling
We, the ocean dwellers need rekindling

I’m coming to my end, I am old
But, I hope that the our story will be told

A deep sadness fills my old soul
As I wonder - who was it that stole
The beauty of my world

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