Thursday, August 18, 2011


Dear sweet Sasha,
The day you were born, you were greeted by your ma and pa

You have arrived, you are now here
You were welcomed with lots and lots of cheer

You came into this world as a handsome prince
And your parents’ eyes full of loving glints

Okay, you’ve got to admit, there was a bit of confusion
When you arrived, they came to the conclusion

That you were a prince not the princess that was expected
None the less you are absolutely beautiful, nothing could be perfected

Now, listen to a very, very old man
He wants to give you some insight
Like only an old man can
Please listen to him tonight

He wants to give you some advice
See life is an adventure- live it well, it will surely entice

You’ve got a lifetime ahead of you
With lots of things to experience and do

Experience it well; seek adventures, live life to the fullest extent;
There’s so much to see and do, it’s quite an event

Be alert, safe and be keen
That is what needs to be done -- life is a full scene

We look forward to watching you grow through the years
We are there for you -- through the fun and the tears

We see you are well protected by your family and parents
They watch over you with a lot of love -- to us, this is very apparent

We want you to be aware
We can tell, you’ve got that joi de vivre- that flair!

You will find out that you’ll go through all of life’s stages
Before you grow up -- become of age

Now, you are a bundle of joy
But there’s bound to be a time when you will annoy

That’s just part of growing up
You know -- the little hiccups

So, don’t you worry about a thing
This is just a part of what life will bring

So grow up strong in heart and soul
Be a beautiful person- inside and out - that is your goal

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